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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


ITs been a while! But OMG WE MADE SEMI FINALS IN DAYTON!!!!!! AND BROKE A FREAKIN 80!! I was soooooo excited! like u dont even kno!!! It was amazing! Im still wicked tired from the trip though we didnt get back until 6:30 in the morning and then i got 4 hours of sleep then went to hang out at andys house. It was so nice to be back. Im getting a bit chubby lately :( Its depressing when i think sometimes i eat right and the other half of the time i dont eat at all... Lately i havent been feeling too well but i guess i just gotta get over everything. This friday is the banquet! Cant wait it'll be fun but its sad this is like the last time to hang out with the seniors :( :( It will be awesome to hang outwith my friends from the JV guard too! I saw the light brigade in Ohio They were freakin awesome i cant believe they made semi finals, Im wicked like honored to be called the light brigade of the Open class too. They are just amazing like one guy threw his rifle up into the air did a hand stand thing underneath it and caught it! I freaked out! lol then one guy threw a 10 on his rifle no joke! I was like holy crow! lolThen today i got Napolean Dynamite! YAY! i love that movie i dont even care that it had no point lol. I ended up missing my presentation in english on friday b/c i was in dayton and i came back to find out that my group got a 60! Just because one girl didnt read the chapters and they both didnt feel like taking the time to do any of the work. Ok i wrote all the questions for the game AND wrote the quiz and all they had to do was take the questions and convert them into notes but did they do any of that? NO! they tried to tell Mr. Lenchert that I didnt deserve any credit for anything and blamed the whole thing on me! I was like excuse me? I read those chapters like seriously 10 times to get all the info i needed! But I talked to him and he knew i actually did the majority of the work and pulled the grade up to an 80 Im still pissed b/c im always good at english and i want to do my best seeing as im planning on being an english teacher but god! Is it that hard to read 4 freakin chapters write notes and present them to the class??? Honestly people need to grow up!!! Well i think im gonna go now so bye bye!

Current mood: stressed

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


LAst nite was THE WORST practice i have ever had to go through... Well let's see how we started off the practice actually here is how all of practice went: 20 sets of stairs 100 drop spins/100 peggy spins on left and then right Then too many right handed peggy tosses to count and then left handed tosses twice b/c they werent good enough (actually we did right hand twice too) Then we had to do a bunch of one fives with a turn around so needless to say we were dizzy Then we had a contest where u had to do 100 drop spins then 100 peggys over and over again and if u got out then u had to run laps until everyone else was done yea i did pretty good then billy told me and heidi we were out when miss semans told us we were right! Then we had to set up and do a runthrough then we ended up having 5 drops so we had to do 500 on the right then set up for another run through and had 2 drops so we did 200 on the right then we did sectional run through and the flags dominated and we almost won but we tied ith the rifles. i hurt so bad right now and it didnt help that i had to do pilates first thing in the morning when i got to school then stupid orchestra was just dumb as it always is and then in food prep we had to do vegetable carvings which was the biggest pain in the world! and math what is there to say im never going to have to use imaginary numbers in my life they arent even there!!!! but i did get an 81 on my proofs test thank god i thought i was gonna fail that! well i think im gonna get going now but if anyone has a shoe box they can give me i would greatly appreciate it i have to decorate a shoe box for guard for next weekend when we go to ohio!!! hmmm well i will leave that at that luv ya!

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Current mood: sore

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


ok yea so i deleted my journal for a while just cuz i needed a break from everything but i decided to start this back up again and tell u what goes on in my boring life! Well i cant remember what i last wrote about so i'll just write about whatever. Hmmm... boston was a fun time w got ripped off yet again tho we had an awesome show both days! Last weekend we had northeast championships and we got 3rd so we medaled AND we got the showmanship award! how awesome is that!! Out of that WHOLE circuit we got it! "we are the most fun most entertaining and the must see guard of the season" AHHH!!!!! I thought me cherie and postle were gonna freak out! It was awesome! This weekend we're off to Shenendoa for Midyork championships and then off to Ohio and we're coming back early!!! Hmmmm what else oh yea easter was the other day. Andy came over for a while and hung out then went over to my grandmas house and ate food (mmm green bean casserole! lol) Me and Shannon got a 92 on our bio project (shannon u seriously saved me!) It wasnt too bad actually i hate getting in front of my classes i would rather get up in front of a bunch of people i dont kno instead of a small group of people that probably dont like me at all. See because with acting its a totally different thing, i can actually be someone different. Ugh i have practice tonite not really looking forward to it but then again who does? After our show on saturday its probably not gonna be fun... But i had a good show actually more than good i had an awesome show and then of course as we do at every championship we played boom chicka boom... Thats like our trade mark lol... It was awesome seeing billy really get into it and then liz was being sooo ghetto :P Well i think thats enough for now so i'll tzalk to u later! bye bye!

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Current mood: good

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


A - Age you got your first kiss: 14
B - Band listening to right now: fallout boy
C - Crush: Andy :)
D - Dad's name: I think its joe
E - Easiest people to talk to: guard girls depending on the conversation (dirrty girl ;P lol)
F - Favorite bands at the moment: evanescence, fallout boy, probably more but im too tired to think
G - Gummy worms or gummy bears? gummy bears!!!!
H - Hometown: north syracuse
I - Instruments: viola and guitar
J- Junior High: NS god it sucked there
K - Kids: hopefully 2 in the future
L - Longest car ride ever: Indiana for field band i thought it was never gonna end
M - Mom's name: Kristine
N - Nicknames: Chels, Drama queen, 3, dirrty girl(thanks to you jess :P)
O - One wish: To have people actually understand me as a person and not judge me by my looks
P - Phobia[s]: spiders,needles and thunderstorms
Q - Quote: "Just be you and not who others want you to be"
R - Reason to smile: Andy, guard, friends
S - Song you sang last: Well im not much of a singer but i sang push it- salt 'n' pepper (last nite at practice that was awesome lol)
T - Time you woke up [today]: 5:15
U - Unknown fact about me: that i have a double jointed tounge (yea i kno really random but i cant think of anything else)
V - Vegetable you hate: Turnips squash cooked carrots
W - Worst habit(s): biting my nails and having a low self esteem
X - X-rays you've had: I think once when i sprained my ankle
Y - Yummy food: chocolate and peanut butter!
Z - Zodiac sign: Leo

Current mood: bitchy


Ugh... Today=PAIN and lots of it... every time i move any part of my body it hurts sooooooo bad... having practice 2 days in a row is not fun at all i hated it when we had it over break and i hate it now! but at least its done and over with until like saturday when we have regionals in boston!!!!! Im wicked excited to go but i'll miss you all (especially my girls on the JV team like kimmy and shannon and murph it just wont be the same without you guys! i mean come on kimmy i wont have any gummi bears to throw at u lol) Guard and field band last year were awesome and i miss being all together i hate how the sophmores are split up this year it really sucks. Yea i love being on Varsity but i would much rather have all of you up here with me too. We perform at like 4 something on saturday then after that we are going to dinner and we are going bowling! that should be quite interesting to say the least and buech is bringing DDR with her which i cant wait for! lol and then on sunday is finals and i think they said we go on at around noonish??? But i dont kno. I kno we will do soooo much better at this regional than last we have changed sooooooooo much and plus we rock ;) and we are the only team who has gone up 9 points in the past two weeks!!! I should probably start packing soon but knowing me i'll wait until the last second and i really hope i dont forget anything knowing me i will. Last nite practice was tiring to say the least. I swear we did over like seriously 75 one and a halfs... It was painful and crunches are not fun but i really need to do them cuz im a fatty :P hilary's birthday was yesterday (happy late birthday!) learned new dance work and im terrified of doing it b/c i really dont feel like falling off the picninc table...AGAIN. Im such a klutz i swear i think i have fallen only what 4 times this season? lol I hate biology so much u cant even imagine. This is the stupidest project ever thank god shannon is my partner or i would probably fail the entire thing. I hate science with a passion. It is the dumbest subject next to math. I cant wait until next year im taking Drama! (yea i took all of your advice :P) I kno im a total drama queen but what can i say i love to do it. When im performing i actually feel like im a different person and im not myself and people arent constantly putting me down and purposely hurting me... Tomorrow nite we dont have practice cuz we're all going to Grease which should be fun. Friday we leave at 4:30. Im going to be totally dead on monday. so wish us luck for the regional this weekend. School is bugging me sooo much lately everything is just so boring to me I mean even english my most favorite class in the entire world is boring to me (oh yea thanks dave and kailey one of these days your gonna get me in trouble! I mean come on now is it really necesary? lol :P) Well i think im gonna go now and i'll see most of u at school tomorrow (oh and if any of u can find out where the kidney uses and doesnt use diffusion it would be greatly appreciated seeing as Shannon and I cant seem to find it ANYWHERE!!)

Current mood: sore

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I give up... Im not making anyone happy anymore... It seems even when i dont do anything im getting myself into trouble... I used to think i was a good person and I had a good life now I just hate myself... I hate everything about me... I hate the way i act i hate the way i look i hate the way i do things and i hate the way im just so me. I cant stand when i know i should stand up for myself but yet i let people walk all over me, and why? Because they know they can get away with it and they get the pleasure of seeing me cry my eyes out... And its like as if i cant even express my own opinion around anyone without me being the "bad person" I mean if i say i think something is wrong to do people get mad at me and then they turn everything around on me and why because i have an opinion? I have never felt like this before, like i have to walk around being afraid of what to say and just wanting to keep to myself... Half of you think you kno what my life is like but you have no clue. It just seems like everyone hates me... Im probably gonna get in trouble for saying that too... Why does everything have to be so complicated? I really dont understand... I mean i think im a nice person yea theres a time here or there where yea i kno i am a total bitch and i admit it but stil i try to be nice to everyone and like people, but everyone always finds a problem with me... It seems like when people start to get to kno me they suddenly change and are just like wow this girl is a freak, and why because i am different? Because i dont feel like going around and being an asshole to people who dont deserve to be treated that way? who have done absolutely nothing to you??? You're probably sitting here thinking wow shes a loser but i dont care you probably dont even understand or know anything im talking about... Im just gonna go get ready for practice maybe i'll fall down the stairs when we run tonite or i'll fall off a picnic table and get a concussion wouldnt that just be grand? (that would just make my day)

Current mood: sad

Sunday, March 13, 2005


I hate being me sometimes i really do... Ok let's see everything this weekend was mostly good except for today and a few other things.. Well let's start off with Friday I went over to Andy's house but i guess i wasnt supposed to be there cuz he got yelled at so i feel wicked bad about that but we did get to hang out for quite some time and we went out to dinner. Saturday was AWESOME! had practice then our show was amazing we went up 3 points in our score and i got to go out for retreat that nite. But of course my father didnt show up... He's never been here for me is it so much to ask to just have a real father instead of a bum who never calls to talk to you just your brother or for a father to be there for you who didnt leave you... It sucks I mean god i was four years old and my mother yells at me now becaue i tell her i hate him.. well what does she expect? He doesnt act like he cares about me for one thing and he is never there to support me during anything so what am i supposed to do love someone i dont even know??? I mean why should i have to go over there on weekends spending time locked in my room when i could be with people that i love and actually love me back... i dont want to waste my time with my dad anymore... But then afterwards Andy and I went over to applebees and had a good time... Then today happened.. Well let's see i didnt get to sleep in which wasnt good seeing as the past couple of weeks i havent gotten a lot of sleep due to guard, then i ended up going shopping with my grandmother who got in a fight with me over a skirt ( i thought it looked cute! but apparently she thought it looked hideous on me) Then i was supposed to go to andy's wrestling banquet today but that didnt happen and other stuff hapened but we really dont need to get into all of that other crap. I just wish some people would leave us alone... I mean come on i dont go around telling you what to do and what not to do and all of that stuff I mean yes i'll tell u my opinion but im not going to tell u exactly what to do and to top it all off im almost failing global and i dont even kno how that happened! On my last report card i had a 93! and now i have a D! I cant believe this... This is waaay too mush pressure and stress for me I just wish there were some way for me to relax... Im trying too hard to be perfect for everyone and im trying to make everyone happy, i never realized how hard that really is... I feel dizzy and tired i think i need some sleep but how can i sleep??? I have so much to do for everything... I mean Boston is next weekend so i have to work my butt off for that i have school which i have to make up labs for bio and get my grade up in global and finish my english project and I have to find out a bunch of stuff about something else that u really dont need to kno(sorry) I think im working too hard to be perfect... yea i admit im a perfectionist when it comes to somethings but its not easy when so many people hate you and u try to make them not hate u, but i think im giving up i mean i cant change someone and try to get someone to like me who doesnt... well i guess im gonna go now oh one thing that actually happened this week that was good is my mom finally got me my cell phone i have been working for :) so call me up and if u dont have my number leave a comment and maybe i'll give it to u now im going before i have a breakdown bye bye

Current mood: stressed

Monday, March 7, 2005


Why do i do this to myself? God am i stupid??? I hate reading about how everyone else used to love him or still does love him and honestly im not gonna lie it does bother me, and i hate when people try to make me feel bad because they say they still or have loved him and that crap just shut up about it ok i dont want to hear it anymore! Sorry but if u messed up you messed up and that is your own fault not mine so dont try and get me to feel sorry for you by posting in his journal that you used tolove him and that you still do and all that stuff some of you hurt him so bad and last year you didnt even care about him!!! I was the only one who would have died for him last year even when i knew he never felt the same for me.. i envied each and everyone one of you last year who had all of his attention and affection and when you had it you didnt even care you treated him like he was nothing! So sorry you had your chance and now he is with me so get over it!!!!!

Sorry about that i just had to get it out of me... Well anyways! Saturday nite was AMAZING! We had the most awesome show of the season yet! I mean wow we went up 6 points and finally broke a 70!!!!!!! AHHHH i was wicked excited!!!! i didnt even care that we got second me and post couldnt stop jumping up and down!!! I hope we never have to go to a show in Webster again though... The gym was wicked small and the equipment warmup place was dark and small and it was bad! then we got back from the show at around midnight then headed over to miss seamans house and had a sleepover there it was awesome we watched napolean dynamite (GOD IDIOT! lol) and played DDR until like 4 in the morning which was awesome as always then woke up at like 9 came home went back to sleep then head out to the mall with andy and saw hitch (great movie) and then went home i didnt feel too good i had like a stomache ache but now i feel 100% better i was supposed to go to andys house today but his brother said no :( who knows why either i was wicked sad cuz i couldnt go but oh well i guess... Practice tomrrow nite should be interesting she said more run throughs at the practice :/ def. not looking forward to that but hey what can i do? it only makes us better! OMG im so happy they might put me in the sabre flag work too!!! ahhh! Im sooo happy now and we got our new uniforms which im def. liking!!!! Everyone should come see us this weekend at NS i'll tell u all the details when i find out but for now see ya!
Love Chels

Current mood: relaxed

Saturday, March 5, 2005


You kno what i dont understand i really dont is why im so nice to people and everyone just walks right over me... Im gonna stop being nice to people from now on i think... And sarah (schieno) I kno that was uon the phone last nite who kept calling with that other stupid girl who listens and does everything u tell her to do... I cant believe you i really cant we have been best friends for forever and u treat me like this? That was so embarrassing last nite having u call and say all that and Andy was sitting right there and u said all of that stuff and i kno terrence was on the phone too im not stupid you kno... Ever since you met him thats all you have ever cared about and thats all you do and thats all i hear you say is "Oh my god Terrence is coming over so i cant hangout with you and Oh my god He is gonna sleep over at my house" BLAH BLAH BLAH I dont care anymore!!!!!! We are supposed to be best friends but i guess thats what you and terrence are now right? I mean i still try and call u all the time and all u ever say is oh terrence is on the other line or when i invite you over to hang out and stuff oh i cant because terrence is coming over or what gets me mad is when u go over to terrences house and u dont even bother to say hi to me he lives right down the freaking street! And how about the time u ditched me on halloween to hang out with him? You left me there and just went off with him... Im so sick of this and you wont listen to anything i say on the phone b/c you're so caught up in your own little world so maybe if i put it here you'll listen...
Why do parents have to be so controlling i cant stand it at all... They never listen to a word you say either... They dont ever care how you feel and they think everything you say is worthless Then they go around calling you stupid but then when you do something stupid they tell you you are so smart and that you shouldnt make those mistakes and all that stuff... Then they tell you what they think goes on in your brain... This is what they say " You think you are so better than everyone else and you dont care about anyone else" Well who are they to tell me what i think? they have no clue what its even like to be me... They always are like oh i understand well no acctually they dont they know what everything was like back when they were teenagers but things have freakin changed ( yea mom i kno you read this so there you go now you kno what i think of all the crap you always put me through) Its dumb is what it is...
Today is our show out in Webster and we now have a gym to practice in thank goodeness cuz we really needed it. Then afterwards we're all going to Miss Seamans house to have a guard party which should be great. We are gonna play DDR!!! YES! I suck at that game but its too much fun not to play it lol hmmm andy came over last nite and we had some fun we went to lingling buffet i was dying for chinese... but now for the next week im going to be sick of chicken lol well there really isnt that much going on except 2 weeks from today i'll be in boston!!!!! luv ya!

Current mood: frustrated

Monday, February 28, 2005


ok i admitted that i was wrong and i said i was sorry and thats all i can do but dont go around saying that andy is just using me and is going to break up with me ok? If you think that at least keep it to yourself. I have never gone around saying anything like that to you guys at all, maybe you kno andy one way but i kno him another way, he is different from last year and maybe you just dont see that or something... but if you think he might break up with me or is using me just keep it to yourself... please. im not trying to start anything or what not but that hurts to kno that you guys still think that after all this... yea maybe he didnt like me last year but things change and if u dont find it possible for someone like him to actually care about me that way then just ya kno dont tell me... i kno there has always been that risk of him using me and breaking up with me after the incident last year but if it ends up to be that way then its my problem... Just please dont say that about him to me at least...
ok now im gonna write about other things! OMG we got to see the light brigade yesterday they were TOTALLY AMAZING!!! They were my favorite guard!!! And i really liked Chesires show too (they beat us lol) I still really think we should have made finals and so does everyone else... It was depressing having to sit in the stands watching finals AGAIN! I got a new cute bag though and its sooooo cute! lol Ew i cant believe we have to go back to school again today :( I mean im looking forward to it so i can see my friends and stuff but gosh do i hate classes except for english that class is awesome. spansih is ok too... Wow I cant believe school is almost over its like March tomorrow! OMG i dont kno if i can handle this guard schedule anymore... She is thinking about putting another nite in for practice I cant believe this i mean i work my butt off 2 nites a week for 3 hours and saturday ALL DAY and she wants another day put in!!!! and next years schedule sounds more grueling than this one... Well i should probably go get ready for school :( not nice not nice at all I thought we were gonna have a snow storm?????

Current mood: blah

Sunday, February 27, 2005


Yesterday to sum it all up in one word= SUCKED! i was wicked mad about regionals... we didnt even make finals :( and we still got a 67.8 ok we made so many changes to the show to make the judges happy and they still hate our show so now i am up at 6 in the morning getting ready for practice... its crazy on our last day of vacation i have to get up and go to practice then go sit in the stands and watch finals... i have had it with guard i have done nothing but guard for the past 5 days... havent they ever heard of a day off??? I just want to sleep :( this is not how i imagined my last day of vacation... well not much more to talk about so bye bye!

Current mood: tired

Saturday, February 26, 2005


Today we have regionals so im pretty excited! Hopefully we'll make finals because i really dont feel like sitting in the stands watching finals tomorrow.... i love guard i mean at times i hate it but really i love it, like i can go out there and be who i want to be and actually be good at something because apparently im not good enough for anyone these days but i actually have one thing im good at and its guard. School starts again on Monday and im actually looking forward to going back i miss all my friends and i'll get to see andy everyday now :) I have to start reading my book for english though, lately i have been so busy with guard and things i have totally forgotten about reading that book. And now on top of all of this people are complaining about me and andy, ok let me sum it up for you here if you dont like something to do with me and andy then deal with it ok? Half of you people say alls i do is spend time with him well its called a phone ok? If you actually took the time to pick it up and dial my phone # than maybe just maybe you could ask me if i wanted to do something. im so sick of having to call everyone else up to see what they wanna do... none of you ever cared before i started going out with andy and now that i wanna hang out with him more you guys actually want to hang out with me but yet you still never call u just wait and complain to me in school... If you wanna change things then actually try and call you think im never here but i am..... Well there really isnt much to say but im leaving now heading out to practice (geez these past few days that seems like all i have been doing is going to guard practice) wish us luck and hopefully we'll make finals tomorrow! Then webster the week after that JV/Cadet homeshow then off to boston victor championships shenedowoa championships then off to dayton ohio i think! well ttyl! I love you cutie!

Current mood: nervous

Friday, February 25, 2005


You scored as Hairspray. You just can't stop the beat!!! It doesn't matter what people say about you, you wanna live your life and fight for your cause! Don't listen to what 'cho mama says - you're a big girl now!








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hey yea i kno i havent updated in just about forever so i guess i'll let u kno what i have been up to. Hmmmmm last weekend we went to Victor i think and we got ripped off i think.... Then valentines day was amazing andy took me out to dinner and he got me wicked cute gifts :) I couldnt ask for anything more :) I have been hanging out with him just about all of vacation which has been great :) But of course i have had practice Wednesday Thursday tonite tomorrow then we have regionals tomorrow after practice then if we make finals we have practice sunday morning8-10 in the morning! then off to the show we go. awwww i put the picture of me and andy into my profile we look wicked cute (well at least he does!) Andy got me the notebook on DVD its such a good movie we went out to dinner with his parents the other nite that was quite the interesting...lol Next weekend we're going to Webster??? I dont even know where that is but it reminds me of ducks.... then the week after that is the JV/cadet homeshow up at the junior high which everyone should come see me in ;) lol well theres really not much going on in my life right now that any of you have missed so i guess im gonna go get ready for the oh so great practice that i get to go to tonite (omg we will actually get out on time tonite!!!!!! and i get to go to andys house tonite so today is going to be a good day :) ) love ya

Current mood: relieved

Monday, January 31, 2005


well let's start from friday i think??? Well we had a snow day got to hang out with Andy =) Saturday had a show up in Homer we got a 67 and i thought we did pretty good for the gym we got stuck in, they had the baseketball hoops down and i ended up hitting one of them which scared me and i hit the wall too :( then we had to wait for forever to leave the school and we went to applebees afterwards with postle and hogan and durst i didnt get home until like 1 in the morning then sunday andy came over and it was great time as always =) =) today i found out that i got an 83 on the math A i seriously thought i was gonna fail even though it was like one of the easiest tests in my life and i got a 75 on my orchestra test!!!! I was soooo psyched!!! like u cant even imagine i absolutely know none of the stuff he tests us on so i was wicked excited that i passed. But i had to swing dance today in gym which might i add im wicked at but i got partnered with this kid who had no clue what he was doing! but then we got to do the cha cha slide and the electric slide which me and shannon rocked(guard girls rock everything!) we can really get low ;) ugh i have practice tomorrow nite this should be quite interesting seeing as we were supposed to score a 69 and we got a 67 but oh wel i think i had a pretty wicked show! I still think the JV guard got ripped off this weekend. hmmm i believe our next show is in mexico... its so depressing to see all of these other girls that parents and people show up to see them at the shows and they have flowers sent to them and i have absolutely no one that comes to like any of my shows =( It makes me sad like my friends dont seem to want to come either but oh well what can u do? well i must be off let's hope that for some odd reason school will be canceled and i wont have to turn in my bio project that i didnt do!!!! AHHHH!!!! must be off bye bye!
~*I love you baby*~
Love always

Current mood: cheerful

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


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well today i had no school (thank god to that!) and i got to go hang out at andys house for a couple of hours :) so it was totally fantastic! but he had practice so i had to go home wicked early :/ But at least i got to be with him for quite some time :) Then i had to come home and do a bunch of dumb chores i absolutely hate shoveling the sidewalk and driveway. Other than that not much has happened i had practice last nite it was so freakin hot and dry in the downstairs gym as soon as we got out i wanted to go outside and roll around in the snow lol this may sound wierd but i really hope i have school tomorrow i need to go get that lesson in for orchestra so i dont fail!!!!! plus i have english my absolute most favorite class hmm well i guess thats it for now bye bye
~*I love you*~
Love Always

~*Its amazing how u knock me off my feet Everytime u come around me I get weak Nobody ever made me feel this way You kiss my lips and then u take my breath away

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Omg i found this little poem thingy and thought it was the cutest thing ever lol so i thought i would put it in here!

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Walk with her, even if its just around the block.
T.h.r.o.w p.e.b.b.l.e.s a.t h.e.r w.i.n.d.o.w a.t n.i.g.h.t
suPrIse HeR! Do things to make her smile, make her laugh, and make her want to kiss you right on the face.
be spontaneous.
When she starts yelling at you, tell her you love her.
Give her back rubs
.p.l.a.y. mud football with her. .p.l.a.y. in the snow with her.
Let her fall asleep in your arms.
Call her...even if its just to say "hi". CALL HER BACK IF SHE CALLS YOU.
Sing to her, no matter how bad you are.
Carve your names into a tree.
Get her mad, then K.i.S.s her.
Push her on swings.
Give her piggy-back rides.
Stay up with her all night.
Leave her little unexpected notes..on the car, or on her door, or in her locker saying how much she means to you
Take her to *romantic* places and lay out blankets to look at the ((S*T*A*R*S)) Make up nicknames for eachother..
Show up at her school or class unexpectedly.
Send her -- flowers -- and d O r K y notes that only you two understand.
Teach her guitar.
Lend her your cds.
Make her cds of songs that remind you of her.
Write her letters.
If she asks you to go to a show with her, GO, even if it means a 5 hour car trip.
Go out on a road trip even if theres no destination or you can't be gone long
Take her to cool shops, and let her take you to even COOLER ones.
Listen to her ~favorite~ songs.
When shes sad or sick, hang out with her or stay on the phone with her, EVEN if shes not saying anything.
Buy her ice cream
Let her take all the pictures of you she wants.
Look into her eyes
S l o w dance with her, even if the music is f|a|s|t
Make her a romantic dinner for //special// days.
ReMeBeR dAtEs...even ones like your **first kiss** or date and surprise her on the anniversary.
kiss her in the rain..kiss her in the snow..
kiss her when she least expects it.
When you fall in love with her... tell her

I thought that was wicked cute! lol

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Yea i kno this is another one of those stupid survey thingys but ya kno it gives me something to put in here ofr now as i have nothing to write about and no one on line at the moment to talk to so fill it out :)

» I said I liked you:
» I kissed you:
» I lived next door to you:
» I was hospitalized:
» I ran away from home:
» I got into a fight and you were there:
» I moved away:
» Asked you to go on a cruise with me:
» I slept over at your house:


Non-Alchoholic Drink:
Alchoholic Drink:
Horror Movie Killer:
Type of Underwear:
One of ur other Friends:

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Hey sorry i know i haven't updated in a while but i've had quite a few better things to be doing :P Well not much has really been going on friday nite i got to hang out with andy and had a great time :) Then saturday got up went to practice and then the show in central square got CANCELLED! ahh i was so mad i finally finsihed my pants for my uniform and i was so excited to wear them! (lol yea i am a dork but they are wicked hott!) And i ended up going home and not doing anything except sleep!!! I havent been able to just sleep in such a loooooong time! it was nice! Then Sunday andy came over and we hung out over here for a couple of hours, always a great time with him :) Then last nite i went to Andy's wrestling meet, he didnt wrestle but it was still great b/c i got to see him and spend a little bit of time with him :) :) Then today i got to sleep in for a couple of hours b/c my test didnt start until noon but b/e these tests are soooo dumb i didnt get to see Andy at all hopefully we'll get to hang out tomorrow. But the test wasnt all that bad im just hoping i passed i hate math. Then i have practice tonite :/ dont really wanna go but i guess i have to lol I really should get started on my bio project presentation on "hypopigmentation" :P but ya kno i really dont like that either so i guess i'll end up putting that off until probably sunday nite the nite before its due :P Theres only one thing im really upset about right now... its the fact that im so nice to just about everyone and then everyone just walks right over me... god forbid i ask someone why they are upset or i ask a question and then they yell at me... and then thers the people who calim u are my friend but then right in the middle of a conversation with me you'll ditch me b/c obviously the other peole are so much more important that u cant even say goodbye... oh well i guess i'll just get over it. And the other day I let andy read the short story that i dedicated to him i thought it was cute :) Well there isnt much more to write about so i guess i'll just leave you with all of that :) bye bye ~*I love you and only you*~ :* :)
Love always

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Monday, January 17, 2005


Wow today totally sucks... but i doubt any of you would really understand why... Well the past week/weekend has been wonderful Wednesday night i went to andy's wrestling meet and saw how amazing he is at what he loves to do. Friday night went out to the mall and the movies and saw white noise. Saturday was the guard homeshow which i had an awesome show and to top it all off Andy went and he even sent me a pink rose :) Then on sunday we hung out and had a great time... But here's where i get mad at people... I just want to say I am my own person so stop telling me who im just like or im the next so and so because its really getting old now sure maybe its a compliment to be just like her but im not exactly alike to her half of u reading this dont even know what im even talking about and most of u dont care and dont get why im getting upset but i do have my reasons and then to all of u who got mad at me b/c i was spinning when i wasnt told to do so and u guys got yelled at thanks a lot for making me feel real great ok? Im not confident at how good i may or may not be at guard and maybe i dont feel like sitting on my butt when i dont have to be spinning but im not going to sit there and watch all the time pass me by when i could be doing something productive with my time and be spinning besides sitting on a picnic table... Im not as good as i would like to be i dont want to just be good i want to be great ok? so that means i have to work harder at guard then there are all the people at applebees saturday nite who were like making a big deal about "g rated" if u have a problem with public displays of affection then dont freakin look at us ok? Im so sick of hearing it from all of u and frankly i dont care anymore just stop b/c im so sick of it all... JUST MIND YOUR OWN FREAKIN BUSINESS!!!!! sorry if i am being really mean but its my life and i can do what i want in it ok?????

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